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Price List


Tinctures smoke signals- 1200mg (alcohol based)


Trap Syrup - 1000MG

Tinctures - 1000MG

Honey - 850MG

Left Coast Gummy (Organic) -  600MG


Buddah Boys Gummies - 1000MG

1000MG Gas Gang Gummies- 1000MG

CBD Left Coast Gummies - 2000MG

Rick Simpson Oil - 1000MG


Grammas Gummies- 100MG 10ct assorted flavors

Infused soda- various flavors, please ask for available flavors.

infused juice- 200mg- various flavors.


Left Coast Gummy (Organic) - 125MG


Nerd Sandwiches - 200MG

10ct gummies assorted flavors- 200MG

Left Coast Gummy (organic) - 150MG

Papa Smoke Belgium Chocolate 300MG


Left Coast Gummy (Organic) -1200MG

Tap Out Bar - 1500MG -B2G1F


Buddah Boys - 2000MG

Cream of the crop - 2000MG


Turtle Island Treats - 3000MG


Buddah Boy Gummies - 4000MG

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