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Auntie's Grab'N Go
Tobacco & More...
Now Open!!!

2/21/2024 - 12pm to 6pm
Open 7 days a week 10 am to 6 pm
Until Further Notice

Grand Opening
Cigarettes (cartons & Packs, Vape Products!
Chew coming soon. 
Coffee & Breakfast Sandwiches 
Available To go Starting 2/22!
So Stop on Down to Visit Auntie's Grab' N Go!

3136 Seybolt Rd
Seneca Falls, Ny 13148

Sovereign Gayogohono Territory
Cash Only for Now
Drive-Thru Only


Auntie's Grab'N Go_20240221_115950_0000.jpg

Add our new app on
Spaces By Wix

we are trying out an app thru Wix, Check it out!

Link code : LL5K60

Shatter-Day Now!!!
Shatter Weekend!!!
Is Back Every Saturday And Sunday!!!! (price is 4 sat+Sunday only) Until Further Notice
$10 G all Grab Dabz
$35 3.5g All Strains on Board
$200 an Ounce (select Strains Only)
$25 g Hash Rozin

Only @ Gramma Approved!!!

Gramma's Gayogoho:no
Word of the Week

Will Be Back In 2 Weeks!!!
Stay tuned for more Awesome
Nya:Weh, Gonokwa' Ogya' se'
(Thank You, I Love You Cuzzin!)

listen to our radio adds on 101.7 the wall and 99.3 and Stop in and say the word of the Week to the family at the shop and receive an Awesome Discount of,

Only when you come in and say the word of the week!
(1 Pre-roll Per customer, per day)

Only @ Gramma Approved


100Mg Gramma Gummies Are Back!!!

Sorry for the wait cuzzin'z , Gramma Has Been Busy 

In the kitchen for ya, But All of you know

Awesome Beautiful things take time.

So stop on in and get your medicine!

1pk 100mg $20

1pk 200mg $25 (untill further notice)

Gramma Love's You

Gramma W.

This Weeks  Sales!

Death Bar
3,000 mg $ 50 $60
Fryd Disposable Now $40
Pac Man disposable Now $40
Hash Rozin $25 G

Price change on screw on carts!!!
gas gang cart $35
glo cart $30
***Fryd cart (New) $25 Now $20 till*** 02/04/24

Nya weh (Thank you)
1st Responders
Show your police, EMT, Fire 
& Rescue, or Dispatch id
and receive a $5 off Discount


New Products!!!

2G Burst Disposibles

1G Gold Coast Screw-on

New Ghost 2G Disposables 



Temple Balls
By Hash Nerds

Hash, Kief, and Concentrate (Dab) Oil

are the makings of the Temple Ball.

A new addition to the Amazing Products!!!

These will be coming soon!!!

Hash Nerd
Hash Dust

is back!!!
$30 G


New Low Pricing On Dabz.

All 1g Was $20 Now $15

All 3.5g were $65 Now $45

Select Oz's NOW $225 was $275!!!

Please Have Id's
Ready upon Arrival

       Sge;no( scan oat) Family,

Due to recent publication in the news, we are requiring

you to have your id's ready in hand upon arrival. 

We know you are family, and we know most of you,

we are just doing our part to not ruin a good thing.

nya;weh for understanding.

No ID, No Medicine.


Lacrosse Is Life.

Don't forget to spin the wheel to help donate to help

construct a lacrosse field and Box for the children and 

surrounding communities!!!


This is the Next Vision the Children Are Asking For, to help bring the community together through the medicine game. Lacrosse.

So as many of you cuzzin's often see the youth playing lacrosse nowadays. field lacrosse is fun and all, but box lacrosse is the way the game is meant to be played! In our language, lacrosse literally means Throwing Hips. lacrosse teaches young boys and girls communication skills, leadership skills, Exercise and how to bond as a family other than just being teammates. and that is amazing the children want to share these skills with the cuzzin's of the community and  surrounding communities of Central NY. We figure in the ball park of 150k to build a field lax and portable box lax field, lighting, glass, scorekeeping equipment and all. so next time you see the wheel or other fun games, just know, this is what your generous donations are going towards. building the leaders of the future Through Lacrosse!!! The Creators Game...                        Nya:Weh

                    O;neh g7ihya:7

  The Crew @ Gramma's

Stay tuned for a gofundme link 

Welcome Back to Gramma’s Cousin!!!

We would like to explain a little bit about our in-house games.

Here at Gramma’s 100% of all donation’s go to help Rebuild our community foundation.

As some of you know, we are rebuilding our community . We are starting with our Cayuga language program for the youth and adults. your donations help cover 1. Rent costs of building, 2, food and beverage for the classes 3, educational fieldtrips 4, travel costs for special guests to come share there good knowledge and ceremonies with our classes.

We wish to give you a big hug and a big Nya:weh (Thank You) for your donations!!! Plus you never know! you may walk away with some awesome prizes!!!

                     O;neh g7ihya:7

                   Gramma W


New Product Alert

Seneca Cigarettes

Now selling Seneca Cigarettes by the pack only. $4 each.

Seneca lights- Kings

Seneca Med.- Kings

Seneca Full Flavor- Kings

Seneca Menthols- Kings


About Us

Established October 2021

Located in the heart of the finger lakes right off of NY-89. Take the scenic route to see some Amazing people and great views of Cayuga Lake.  We started this business as a way to bring hope peace love and healing to the Cayuga community through good vibes and high times.  Our mission is the economic development of our people, as i am sure you are aware of the issues. we as a community came together and we have made so many friends already!!! So come on down and check us out in person at 2133 Lake Road Seneca Falls, NY. Look through our website for menus on all we offer.  Have any questions give us a call at 315-577-2636.

***Must be 21 or older to enter***



All Grades Available

We offer the highest quality of flower for all of your needs.  We have different tiers based on the flowers Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid percentage.  Each tier is priced accordingly.  Please check out all of our flower and find the one that is right for you.

rez rollies.jpg

Rez Rollies

1 for $8
2 for $15


Don't have time to roll your own doobies? Grammas got you covered.
Sativa, Indica And Hybrid Available.



Crumble, Shatter, Batter, Live Rosin, Hash Rosin, and much more!!!! Check our board daily.

Moon Rock   &   Hash


“Healers, Not Dealers! Enjoy Your Medicine!.”

" I sell Flowers, There for I am a florist"

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